Hlp News

Wether Report: 30% Wind Going Towards 24 Carrot island And Heeps of poptropicans think poptropils Games Will Rise On Nov 30 One Poptropican Said “Wow Already!!”

Sapce News: Is Fire Plantet Going To Push Poptropica Out Of It SPOT
And New Astonots Going In The Space Shihp For The First Time

Island News: Everyone Is At Night Watch Island Trying To Get In Brash Crash Push!!!! Wow Soo Many Poptropicans Not Waiting In Line But Why In The World Wolud They Be Doing Is.

Sport: Nanobots Win Aginst Black flags In The Fotball By 1 Point But Some Poptropicans Were Geting Pass When The Game Was Over.

Thats All For Now Thanks And A Great Day

By Fast Melon


4 thoughts on “Hlp News

  1. I Will Not Be Doing Hlp News Any More Sorry
    Happy Is Taking Over

  2. Hey Fast Melon I Will Do The News Now How About You Do Some Fun Post On Other Blogs Ok
    -Thats Ok What Blog Do You Want Me To Do Frist- Fast Melon
    -Well try this http://www.adventuretimepop.wordpress.com – Happy Lightning

  3. That Blog All Right
    -Perfect I Thing I Have A Post In Mind Ok Bye-Fast Melon
    -Bye-happy lightning

  4. The Next News Post Will Be on Monday so fast melon post the thing you had in mind

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