PD Has Arrived!

Hullo everybody who cares to read this, it is I, Perfect Dolphin, though most people just call me PD, and I have been added to this blog as of…. about 30 seconds ago. Well, I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. As of today, I work on 4 blogs. Two are ones that I started, and they are, PD & Wolfy’s Poptropica Hints (http://www.pdandwolfyspoptropicahints.wordpress.com), and Pixie Hollow Help (http://www.pixiehollowhelp.wordpress.com). The other two I work on are this one, and Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (http://poptropicatip.wordpress.com). Well, now to blabbering about my poptropican. I am a member, and I own every single thing you could possibly imagine from the store. Trust me, if anything new comes out, I’ll get it. I have been playing Poptropica for a while, and there was one point where I stopped playing it for like a year or two, but I got back on about three to four moths ago. As for island medallions, I have all 33, some islands I’ve completed twice or more. Dr. Hare is my favorite super villain, which might explain why I’ve completed 24 Carrot Island 7 times. As for blogging, I won’t b the one making guides galore, I’ll be doing more fun stuff, like costumes and stories. I think that’s enough about me. Goodbye and good morrow, subjec– er… readers…


15 thoughts on “PD Has Arrived!

  1. Thanks Perfect Dolphin For Joining.

  2. When Is Shy Singer Check His Email

  3. PD?!?! When were you going to tell me this?!? Oh, well. Anyway, Cheat Dude, I thought of your offer, and yes, I will join. 🙂

  4. Well come to the blog perfect dolphin

  5. Thanks Zamarria25 For Coming Back I Knew I Colud Count On You. 😛


  7. I DID IT IN CAPS *SIGH* :opps:

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