Poptropica Index Logo Competition [OPEN]

The aim of this competition is to make the best logo art for Poptropica Index. Mashimai And Giant Rock Will Pick the winner and the runner ups using nothing else but our eyes.To send your Poptropica Index logo art, send it to muddabacon@gmail.com Or rileyhynson@hotmail.com (Remember to include your Poptropica name). The winner and the runner ups will win a rare account. If you want to see the first to fifth prize, you can check them out below this text.


Soory You Can’t See The Poptropicans

View http://www.poptropicaindex.wordpress.com And For Vids http://www.youtube.com/user/thepoptropicavideos

More in fo coming Soon

This Is A Sticky To See More CDPB News Go Below


5 thoughts on “Poptropica Index Logo Competition [OPEN]

  1. Hey Cheat Dude or could I call you HL for Happy Lightning? Well, I’d like to say thanks for supporting my blog. I’d love to join but I don’t have much time keeping up with posts. Sorry!

  2. Hey star I sent you to come

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