Thanking mom and Quest

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and we’d like to take the opportunity to give thanks to one of the hardest-working Poptropica characters around: the beleaguered mom.

On Astro-Knights Island, the queen has no idea that her daughter has run off into outer space with a crazed inventor.

On Shark Tooth Island, this poor mom is separated from her son by the fearsome Booga Shark.

On Shrink Ray Island, C.J.’s mom couldn’t possibly imagine that her brilliant daughter is the size of a tiny insect.

On Vampire’s Curse Island, Katya’s mom always knew that Christopher was no good. But did Katya listen? Of course not.

Of course, some moms have it a little easier. On Wimpy Wonderland, Greg Heffley’s mom returns home after the adventure is over, and is none the wiser. Thank goodness for that.

Here’s to all the moms in Poptropica, and all the mothers everywhere!


Are you looking for more to play in Poptropica? Don’t forget about all the great free games and mini-quests available in the Poptropica Store.

Legendary SwordsShrink ShotPrepare for ImpactDr. Hare’s Secret Lab, and the Haunted House are all available for you to play for free!

Just hit the green coin icon in the upper righthand part of your screen, and then scroll through the Gold Cards until you see the game you want. It’ll be added to your inventory, and you can play whenever the mood strikes you.

Mini-quests: they’re a great way to switch it up on Poptropica.


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