The Amazing Contest

Who ever can make the best Gumball of The Amazing World Of Gumball will get the to make a page on this blog. 2nd choose a theme for the blog. 3rd in the next post I make your costume will be in it.


You can also make a hybrid of Cheat Dude and Fast Melon Poptropica Girl. Just our these costumes below but together. ( mix )

This post is sticky, please go down to see more CDPB news.


Note: happy can you get rid of this post im starting to get sick of seening gumball




29 thoughts on “The Amazing Contest

  1. If you want people to see this it should be the 1st post.

  2. You need rules dude. When is the dead line? Can you enter more than once? Is the hybrid the noun part of their name? Their gravatar?

    Please be more specific.

  3. Cheat Dude, please take me off the author’s list. Well, please take me off Cheat Dude’s Poptropica Blog’s authors, I’m really sorry, but I don’t want to be an author. 😦

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  5. Why is it late where YOU live, Cheat Dude? ❓

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  7. I’m tired of seeing Gumball on top of the latest posts.

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