The Neat and Powerful!

Hi! The last time I posted, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself very well. So, I will do so!


Yes, this is my close-up.

Described as: Neat and powerful

Favorite color: aqua green

Favorite island: Mythology Island

Favorite shows: SpongeBob Square Pants and Fairly OddParents

Well that’s it everyone. I don’t have much info. Also, I almost forgot a couple of things!

Favorite multiplication method: The lattice method

Favorite subject: Science

Okay, now that’s it! I won’t post very often though cuz I won’t have much news. Bye!



4 thoughts on “The Neat and Powerful!

  1. I like the lattice method too! The other way is too complicated.

  2. What the heck? I never commented in Spanish!

  3. What other way, Smarticle? ❓

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