Poptropolis Returning…?

Poptropolis May be returning very very Soon, I was going through the Daily Pop and saw some interesting photos…There are 3 photos the 1st one shows a creator in like a tunnel type of thing trying to find poptropolis  the 2nd One shows a  Boat or a dock holding something on it to possibly pull poptropolis up. Now the 3rd one is a Creator sitting in a pond and the Textures of the pond Look to be like Poptropolis textures.ImageImageImage


3 thoughts on “Poptropolis Returning…?

  1. There’s a post on Poptropica Secrets that shows those same pics. The likelihood of poptropolis rising once again is very likely, almost certain.
    And it looks like Poptropolis will rise with a new adventure.

  2. It will be returning very soon!

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