Things We Are Going to Miss About the Old Poptropica

We all thought that with the Beta Carrotene, all they would do is make the screen bigger, add sound, and change the mouse, but no. They are changing fonts, how your character moves, and how things look. Take a look at some things that are going to change:

1.) The navigation

Before the navigation update, your character wouldn’t move as fast and wasn’t so clumsy.  Now, if your character moves as if it were walking on the regular version, you’d be running in the update. It’s very hard to jump onto platforms, and the freezer room isn’t slippery.

2.) The fonts

A lot of people like the good old Billy Seriff font. It seemed warm and cozy and fit the theme of items in your inventory nicely, but now it’s not going to be that way. Look at the difference:

Billy Seriff

New look (Creative Block)

3.) The look of things

Before the update, you saw reflections on floors and in all rooms your characters were the same size, but now, there are no reflections and your character looks bigger than it was in the other rooms for example, in the Carrot King Diner. Take a look:

> Character looks big and there’s no reflection, but if you go to Main Street, your character is as big as the one below.

> Character looks smaller and there is a reflection

Hopefully the creators will bring these things back to the way they were.


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