Poptropica’s Gonna Get Really Cool!

Apparently it seems that the creators don’t only want you to see the top 10 finishes of islands; they want you to see your rank too. Now how are you going to see your rank? You are going to see your rank through the new feature that is coming soon, which is the Live Player Map:

You will also be able to see who around the world is currently playing. Sadly, the data will only come from members who play during Early Access:

It seems pretty cool, and I hope the members like it!


4 thoughts on “Poptropica’s Gonna Get Really Cool!

  1. Eh, i don’t really like this, jk i do.


  3. I’m sorry you had to wait approval, IS. I modernized your comments even though they’re on other posts.

  4. I could see your comments on the dashboard.

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