Let Him Back!

Attention Eddie and his supporters. Please listen to the clear message I am giving you. Alfie was not on for a reason. A reasonable reason. A perfect excuse. Not because he doesn’t want to. Maybe it’s because he’s busy. He’s busy homework. If you know what grade he is in or how old he is, Alfie’s teacher must give him a lot of homework for all of the things he learned, mostly math, which can sometimes be hard.

There are many reasons. As many as you can think of. But not that he does not want to. Give him a second chance.

If you want Alfie back, fill in this Contact form:

If you do not have an e-mail, the contact form does not work, or I do not get your message for any reason, please let me know in the comments and submit your message there.

Do not fill out the form if you do not support me.

Come on supporters! Let him back! Let him back! Come on chant with me! Let him back! Let him back! 😀


2 thoughts on “Let Him Back!

  1. You guys are doing this for me? Thanks :/ but I had lots of homework since

  2. i am in self select hs..

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