Multi-Topic Post


Yesterday when I came back from school my throat was hurting. That small thing turned into a fever…

This Morning…

Ate a small breakfast and went to the doctor so they could analyze my saliva. I nearly gagged on the swab and stick. I’ll get my results tomorrow. BTW- My brother and sister had to do the same thing. My sister was the super-scared one.

We Need to Vote For Another AOM!

We are keeping the same votes from last time! Here’s the poll!

May the best author be September 2013’s AOM!


32 thoughts on “Multi-Topic Post

  1. Hooray, another month of nice Poptropicans commenting on one thing and then realizing which thing to comment on next.

    P.S.: @LH to Everyone: The Kerplunk times was:
    a) 0 seconds
    b) 10 seconds
    c) 51 seconds

    Kerplunk is held in South American country Argentina, and their language is Spanish. Since I’m from Mexico (but I somehow knew English), I can proudly say…

    ¡Hola a todos! ¡Soy/Mi nombre es Bola de Nieve Helada*!
    (Hello, everyone! I am/My name is Icy Snowball!)
    O-la a toh-dohs! Soy/Me nom-bree ess Boh-la deh Neeve Heh-lah-dah!

    *the “Bola de Nieve” part means “snowball”, which referred to be “ball of snow.” “Helada,” on the other hand, means “icy”. It would then be otherwise “Helada Bola de Nieve”. The real definition is to reverse positions of “Helada” and “Bola de Nieve” to sort it correctly.

  2. @CD: Want to hear your Spanish name?
    It’s Engañar Amigo (en-ga-nyar a-me-go).
    The site’s Spanish name is Engañar Amigo’s Poptropica Blog. “Poptropica” or “blog” does not change because they maybe fake or misspelt words.

    I’m better speaking Spanish. The other languages are cool, but Spanish and English are the languages for me.

  3. How many authors voted for themselves?

  4. @IS r u from the pop secrets website?

  5. @GF: Wow! Did you change your gravatar? Tell me all about it.

    • I’ll tell you later.

    • I got bored of the Oswald gravatar. So I went on Gravatar to change it. I looked on the internet for a nice pic. I liked one very much. So I chose it! And it’s right here!
      Imagine this arrow is pointing the other way. ➡

  6. Hey, did you hear about my screenplays for my movies? Did you WANT to be part of my screenplays? Well, your chance is coming! I’m starting Icy Snowball 9: Icy Snowball in Colderland (the idea was from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.)

  7. It’s a fine day at Grand Majestic Studios. C.J.’s here. I’m here. My friend Anny’s here. C.J. got moved to film editing, Anny got moved to sound editing. There’s lots of movies to be made! Also, C.J. has invented a goody sender that can send anything (if needed to refill stock) to the Chinese Theater. I’m not a big fan of dragons and speaking Mandarin, though. She has delivered it to the Chinese Theater. There are three conveyer belts for each item – popcorn, soda and coffee.

    Process 1: The popcorn tubs come out > Popcorn is filled > Then it is boxed
    Process 2: The soda cans come out > Soda is filled > Then it is boxed
    Process 3: The coffee cups come out > Coffee is filled > Then it is boxed

  8. Which way is the arrow facing?

    You cannot say “BOTH WAYS”.

  9. @GF: 30.43% (Seven votes)
    @E: 21.74% (Five votes)
    @CD: 13.04% (Three votes)
    @Z and El: 08.07% (Two votes)
    @AF, CO and PO: 04.35% (One vote)
    @B: 04.00% (One vote)
    @BD: 00.00% (No votes yet)

    VOTED FOR: GF (Grey Feather)
    Votes: 7
    %: 30.43 of 100.00 (Average: 69.57%)

    GOLD: GF (Grey Feather) – 30.43%, Seven votes, Average: 69.57%
    SILVER: E (Eddie) – 21.74%, Five votes, Average: 78.26%
    BRONZE: CD (Cheat Dude) – 13.04%, Three votes, Average: 86.96%

  10. @GF: About Freda you talked about on Poptropica Secrets, that story, and how there were tea taxes and how it was set in England, can you at least give me some facts on the new independently-ruled country, even though she “died”? I’ll share the story as a post on Story Time.

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