My Early B-Day Present From The Creators! (YAY!)

My B-day’s this Friday ❗

The creators are gonna give me the best present ever…AN ISLAND TO PLAY ❗ 😎

Virus Hunter Island, here I come as a •••• year old!


23 thoughts on “My Early B-Day Present From The Creators! (YAY!)

  1. Heyyy!I told you it’s probably coming out tommorow so give me credit!Hehe just kidding.

  2. @GF: Congratulations!
    @Bloggers: I have written a “Freda the Story” part-story part-comment in the Story Time comments! Written and edited by me, concept* by GF.

    *fancy word for “idea”.

  3. Acerca del Equipo CDPB
    Fotos Awesome
    CDPB Personal Secretos
    Disfraces de CDPB
    Chatear Caja
    ¡Dibujos para colorear!
    Cuentas gratis, ¡vales de descuento y todo lo necesario!
    Guías de Isla
    Videos Musicales
    Fotos de la fiesta
    Hora de Cuentos
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    Wiki Página / CDPB Vid

    Translate this, bloggers!

    • HINT: It’s Spanish.

    • About the CDPB team
      Awesome Photos
      CDPB personal secrets
      CDPB’s costumes
      Chat Box
      Coloring Pages!
      Free Accounts, ivales on discount and everything needed!
      Island guides
      Musical videos
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      Wiki Page/CDPB Vid

      PS- I speak Castilian (Peruvian Spanish), so this may be translated differently for you, Icy.

      • Hey, Mexico uses Castilian, too! Back then, the Spanish took over Mexico for 300 years and took their language! Your Spanish is Peruvian, my Spanish is Mexican! So we’re both Castilian!

      • OMG, I am sure your Castilian is different.

      • What I mean by the Spanish was an autonomous community called Castile!

      • Castile is part of Spain? I just read something with an explorer coming from Castile from California in social studies.

      • Grr! How do I put it?

        Oh, I know. You should watch all the Poptropica vids on Music Videos one after the other. I like “What makes you beautiful” by One Direction because it has lyrics.

        (Poptropican plays guitar on an elevator)

        SONG: You’re insecure
        Don’t know what for
        You turn my head when you walk
        Through the door

        Don’t need make up
        To cover up
        Me and you
        Is enough

        Everyone now and you
        Can you see it?
        Everyone now and you
        I think you can see it

        Baby, you light up my world
        Like nobody else
        The way that you flip your hair
        Gets me overwhelmed

        The way that you smile at the ground
        It ain’t hard to tell
        It’s telling, no, oh, oh
        You don’t know you’re beautiful
        (Poptropican sings inaudibly into microphone)
        (Poptropican plays guitar on the elevator)
        (Music stops, caption appears in fancy letters and appearance “THANKYOU FOR WATCHING”)

  4. Well good for you

  5. Um, Grey Feather, this week VHI is only released for members.

  6. I’m moving to Buenos Aires in about a week or two. I asked Mamá but she said, “I don’t know.”

  7. Today is Friday, so Happy Birthday GF! Whoop whoop!

  8. brave sky come to the chat box to chat

  9. @GF: ¡Feliz cumpleaños!

  10. ¡Mi cumpleaño es en 194 días! ¡Sí!

  11. What did they give you membership or a poptropica toy

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