Anyone try it if it works

Well i was looking at post at phb

and i found this cheat but i do not know

take a look at this! if you go to the end you can change the name!

click on this,0xFFDFD6,0xF2851E,7417860,78,3,cyberJester,cyberJester,4,cyberJester,cyberJester,1,1,1,cyberJester,1,1,none:undefined&fname=Binary&lname=Bardβ€œ%20/>

This is how you change it.

1. go the the poptropica image genorator (the online one) and type in your username.

2. Go to where is says put this on your blog

3. find the word transparent and highlight the url next to it until you have got to the end

4. Copy and paste the link into your adress bar

5. press enter

6. It should come up with the poptropican that you typed in. Now, go to the end of the url and then find the name and change it to what you want it to be.

7. press enter again

8. the name should of changed!

Warning this will not save the new name.

I found this out by myself!

The Poptropican link that I gave you was binary bard.


6 thoughts on “Anyone try it if it works

  1. Hey I will tell you 4 glitches I know that are awesome and I promise you that you’ll like it if you let me be on the team πŸ˜€ I wanna see the secrets page πŸ˜€

  2. This isn’t a cheat, it’s just finding Poptropicans.

  3. NO, don’t tell him…He’s trying to trick people i know it Cool Octopus, DON’T! Wait, Cool Octopus doesn’t even know the password, but i do.

  4. I do know the password but I am not telling to nobody and VIP is fill with username not with cheat

  5. Wait, i saw this guys profile, he seems nice, he loves others and loves Jesus, he isn’t all that bad, Perfect Kid, wanna be in chat?

  6. But still Perfect Kid, no new users aren’t allowed to get to the Secret Page already, because they just got here. You have to stay here and join fun parties if you want to know us and stuff.

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