Cool Octopus Birthday Party

My Birthday is on Friday the 25 in October but it been change next on October on the 29 because there a parade in my town where I live there a parade and Celebration of a football game.

The room code will be post in the comment in the pos

begins 4:30- end at 5:50

Come and celebrate the birthday of mine

Party has ended




19 thoughts on “Cool Octopus Birthday Party

  1. Is anybody from this blog coming to celebrate or any favorite who like this blog coming.

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  3. Party has ended Only Elphangor came

    • My birthday is the 29th (March), this Saturday.

      • Happy Early Birthday Nu. By the way ask for permission logging on to my account( I am not mad) but just ask for permission. I hope you enjoy your Birthday.

      • What account? Your Pop Account? I don’t even remember the password you told me for it… **Hmmm**

      • On the my Poptropica it said your tenngae email. but it ok i got back but enjoy your day of your birthday. When i am ever getting hired in your blog.

      • but only if you want

      • Oh, and also, when did I say I was going to hire you? :confused: I said I would think about it if you would be active, comment a lot, and use more grammar….. But you’ve only commented twice since…

      • You said when you and I were working in Sl blog only if there a spot.

      • I also said if you continued to comment, which you haven’t… I’m trying to fill a position for one more Author, but I want them to be someone who is active. So if you can, when you get the chance, start commenting on PAw and I’ll think further into it 😉

      • Ok and what are you going to tell me at phc but can you tell me by email.

      • I’ll tell you by email… I’m just really confuzzled.

      • ok

      • Not right I am at school can you tell me by email.

      • Sure, can you email me first? I can’t log into my email on my laptop right now, and with the new phone case I put on my cell, it’s hard to start an email.

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