Come Here or See You Guys

Cheat Dude’s not here, and I have many other blogs to work on. “He might be busy,” you might say, but can’t he post on Fridays? So, if Cheat Dude comes, let me know. If he say he was busy, I’ll stay, if he doesn’t say anything, I’ll ask him to get me off the team. It doesn’t mean good-bye. You can see me on The PopFlop or on my own blog. I had a good time here, but it’s time to move on…

This is Grey Feather ~ Signing Off


3 thoughts on “Come Here or See You Guys

  1. Um….Cheat Dude really might been busy, he hasn’t filled in blogs a very long time. Or he’s grounded or something.

  2. YOu know you can remove yoruself from blogs? Go to the dashboard of your own blog, and in the top left hover DASHBOARD, click on my blogs. You can click LEAVE BLOG on this one, or any inwhich you don’t own.

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