Two author won at PHB

Zombie Possessed Demon Killer (Cool Octopus)

Zombies and devils, that is one frightening face. (For those wondering, it comes from the 2012 Hotel Transylvania ad.) The roped torso is also a nice touch to the killer theme.


Rouge et Noire (Elphangor & Edalfrey)

(The costume was submitted by Elphangor and may have been inspired by Edalfrey.) Rouge et Noire, or red and black in French, appears to be a brilliantly scarier version of the villain Black Widow.


Me and Elphangor won the contest a phb it was pretty amazing. I was first and the Elphangor was second. I got some from phb (this info belong to Fishy)


3 thoughts on “Two author won at PHB

  1. One of my authors, and 3 of my previous authors won too


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  2. Congrats for winning!

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