Im Back!

Cheat Dude is back!


We Have to Wait FOREVER!

Hi everyone, As you all know (Maybe) Virus Hunter Island is out. But we have to wait for the Customizser, Friends and all the items you have!! Crazy hey? Anyway you can’t have a heap of rare stuff on, like handheld items, shirts all that sorta stuff. (To be continued when every things working)


A.S.A Launch Party (Poptropica Band)

It was awesome!!! Sadly only four people came. šŸ˜¦ (just the band members)

Heres a picture I took and edited!


Band Members: PO CD Sanic and Golden Fang.

And we did have one unspotted guest (In the picture) there!

Well, thats it for now! See ya.

(For the next live show head to the chat box for a code.


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