Me and My Friends

Me and My Friends Made a blog  Go check it out about Gaming Poptropica , Club Penguin , Pirates Of caribean online , And Cartoon Network games , Disney Channel Games and Minecraft CDPB is one of the blogs i put for us to sponsor  





master mime user found?

Everyone knows who master mime is and i was looking through avatars  of the creators for my upcoming project and i saw a user named friendly fish and it looked exactly like master mime can it possibly be? 


See for yourself at the poptropica avatar studio and search jordanleary7

Poptropolis Returning…?

Poptropolis May be returning very very Soon, I was going through the Daily Pop and saw some interesting photos…There are 3 photos the 1st one shows a creator in like a tunnel type of thing trying to find poptropolis  the 2nd One shows a  Boat or a dock holding something on it to possibly pull poptropolis up. Now the 3rd one is a Creator sitting in a pond and the Textures of the pond Look to be like Poptropolis textures.ImageImageImage