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22 thoughts on “Bored?

  1. I Have an idea for one!

  2. I Voted On The First one Green Day on The Second One 11 On The Third One Happy Lightning On The Forth The Poptropica Movies On The 5th Betty Jetty On The 6th Jeff Kinney

    Are They Right?

  3. Ask me for any help! 😛 😆 :cool;

  4. Cheat Dude, can you put my name in the “What’s my poptropican’s name” poll?

  5. I think I’ll add a poll.

  6. Wait, how do I–

  7. Wait, are these about you?

  8. My answers are LMFAO, 1, Happy Lightning, Cheat Dude’s Channel, Betty Jetty, and Jeff Kinney.

  9. Grey Feather, let’s play in multiverse rooms!

  10. MINI-POLL! What’s my Spanish name?

    a) Bola de Nieve Helada
    b) Gris Pluma
    c) Fresco Smarticle
    d) Fresco Niño
    e) El Chico y el Personnaje con No Nombre

  11. I know you’re not B, a Grey Feather. I know that you’re not C, a fresh Smarticle. I know that you’re not D, a fresh boy. I also know that you’re not e, a boy with no name. So you have to be A, the ball of icy snow. (My dad is spanish so I understand it)

  12. My anwsers were Lmfao,5,happpy lightning,the poptropica movies,betty jetty,and jeff kinney.

  13. Bonus question!Your seccond youtube channel is glitchcheatspop/

  14. I put for my answers, Green Day,3,Happy Lightning (though I almost put Cheat Dude),The Poptropica Movies,Betty Jetty,Jeff Kinney and Wildfire

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