Chat Box!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

View this chat in full size at: Http://

Wiki Chat Rules Note: That chat is not ours and you need a Wiki account to chat.


1.) There is no cursing, lying, cheating, spamming, annoying people, or talking about controversial topics (such as religion) at this chat. Using over 10 smilies or sending vast amounts of audies is considered spam and can annoy people. If any of these verbal rules are broken, you will get kicked. If done again, you will get banned.
2.) If anyone is known to be malevolent (bad) and doesn’t actually say anything bad on the chat, you will still immediately be banned forever.
3.) There is no asking for any top secrets or ranking ups. Officers should not tell any top secrets or rank anyone up if they ask.
4.) If any officers perform any forbidden actions, they will be kicked and their rank will be lowered.
List of chat staff:
H.C.M, Cheat Dude / CDPB Owner, Grey Feather, Prickly Owl, Golden Fang, Smart Knuckle, Elphangor, Godzilla, BrickPop, and Bulldog.

67 thoughts on “Chat Box!

  1. @GF: What the heck? Did you make someone a member? Or are you taking things for granted?

  2. That stupid chat box is calling me DoodleLove! I’m clearing it off with a music video! 😦

  3. I’m suprised no one is at the chat…….

  4. Icy, you need to change your name.

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