Costumes to Make

This Page Has Costumes That Are Not In The Store That Everyone Can Make

ideas form the internet

How to do the costume:

1:Made your skin fair and make your hair dark or golden blonde

2.Get a bright pink top I got it from Aphodite at Mythology Island

3:Get a rosy gown bottom I got it from a random poptropican

4:Get a wavy sort of hair

5:Pretty Lips (I used the ones from the old Barbie Ad)


Me at Early Poptropica

Green Fairy Princess

by Fierce Star

How to do the costume:

1. If you completed Astro Knights Island, get the green braids that comes with a princess cap from the green princess.

2. Get the green dress from Prom Queen.

3. White boa (from the yellow lady on mystery train island)

4. Brownish Purse (from the chicken guy on skullduggery island)

5. Use that side bang from Prom Queen that contains the pink blushes.

6. Find the stella bangs (they are from the lemonade mouth ad)

7. Use Pop Star lips.

8. Get the wand/staff thingy from the fairy queen.

9. *optional* get the hummingbird follower

10. get the Tinker Bell fairy wings

Done! ^.^


Fancy Girl (made by Quick Sponge)

How to do the costume:

1. go to counterfeit island and copy the mime ladys hair.

2. prom queens bangs (both of them)

3. pick a color between blue pink and green and get that color of choice pop star. ONLY DA TOP OF IT THE SHIRT AND BELT AND THAT LITTLE JACKET THINGY!!!!!!

4. same color, get prom queens bottom part

Unfortunately, this is an expensive outfit because it pulls together both costume pieces and special powers from a variety of different items in the Poptropica store. Therefore, this costume is probably best for members in the game, who get access to all of the store items. Otherwise, you’ll need up to 875 credits for this one.

Poptropica Hunter of Artemis Costume

This costume is assembled from a lot of different outfits from the Poptropica Store.

  • You can have any hair and skin can color for this outfit.
  • Use the Angel costume and customize the robes and the sash.
  • Use Robin Hood’s Bow and Arrow and his backpack of arrows.
  • Now use Pirate Captain and customize the knife hung on the chest.
  • Now you can use the Mythology Surfer hair (the braid).
  • Use Vampire Girl Three’s bangs.
  • Use any pink lips.
  • Now get the Phantom Effect and make it light, only enough to see a silvery glow.
  • Use the Follower Hummingbird.

There you have it, a very cool looking Hunter of Artemis costume in Poptropica. Check back next week for another featured costume. And if you have more ideas, please post and share them in the comments section!   this is from pops blog Credit to popsecert 

Cool Outfits for Guys

Last post, I posted about four fashionable outfits for girls. Now I’m following up with four cool outfits for guys. They’re not quite as fashionable, but these are fun and functional outfits for the Poptropican on the go. Best of all, they’re easy to locate. Got any other suggestions for great costumes for boy characters in Poptropica? Just post away in the comments section and share your favorites.

Pilot from Nabooti Island

Nabooti Pilot Outfit in Poptropica
You’ll always look adventurous in this classic 1930’s style airplane pilot outfit. It comes complete with goggles, and aviator’s cap and scarf, and a classic flight jacket. You’ll look cool and retro while adventuring around all of the Poptropica islands. The best part is this costume is really easy to get. Just travel to Nabooti Island and run over to the left. The pilot is waiting for you by his airplane.
Nabooti Island Pilot

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper Costume in Poptropica
This costume will make you the life of the party. And a party is exactly where you’ll find it. Complete the Halloween mini-quest, which is available as a purchasable “gold card” in the Poptropica Store (it’s free!). At the end of the quest you’ll arrive at a Halloween party and you can customize any of the outfits you see Poptropicans wearing there. The grim reaper, with dark hood and scythe is definitely the coolest and most popular.
Halloween Party in Poptropica

Aztec Priest

Aztec Priest Costume in Poptropica
The look of the Sun God is all the rage and a quick trip to the Aztec Empire in Time Tangled Island will get you your choice of very fashionable Aztec wear. There’s a lot to choose from, but my favorite is the priest outfit. He’s standing next to the Aztec King at the top of the pyramid. Unfortunately the skull staff can’t be customized, but the ceremonial headdress and robes are a great look.
Aztec Temple in Poptropica

Camouflage Guy

This guy is one of the operatives that you meet in Spy Island. He’s located just to the right of Main Street in the Balding Avenue area. You’ll find him crouching down on a wall near some bushes, trying to look inconspicuous. This outfit is a camouflage shirt and hat, complete with tree branches taped to it. It’s perfect for just blending into the background.
Poptropica Guy in bushes on Spy Island