Time to say goodbye

It been a pleasure that cheat dude invite me to the blog and I meet  cool author like Alifiano Fong, Hbm,Elphangor,Grey Fether , zombieprincess,and much more.

The reason I leaving this blog because everybody is not posting and I feel left out.

When I leave this blog I want to thank everbody for being nice.

Here we go again

The Poptropolis has rise again with new effect and two new games



Which are the Skiing and Volleyball and look who had rise the games which my tribe made it



Go head to Poptropica now to finish before than anybody else and make in first finisher in  Poptropolis Finisher Map.

About I want to something all to Poptropican player finish this island first rather than other island because it might sink back.