Note: Only Works For The Blog Knows The CDPB Staff Secrets And Do Not Ask To Work For Use If Your Using The Team For Only Glitches/Secrets And Please No Asking For User Names Click On Chat To Talk It Out With The Owner Of The Account That Is All/For Are Chat Do Not Ask For A Rank Up Only We Rank You Up Please Follow Theses Rules Or We Have To Ban You Forever. You Can,t Change Sometimes That,s Been Done. You Can,t Change The Past.

Also, don’t make the noises when the people who get annoyed by them are around…’cause they’ll give you a rank-down (they’re owners).

Note:There Is No Lying To Others Or Tricking Any One And Don,t Force The Other To Give There Or Any Others And don,t Copy Are Ideas Like Are Pic Ideas And Please Don,t No Ones User Name Its Really Gets Us Mad.


12 thoughts on “Rules

  1. More Coming Soon!!!

  2. Hynson2 Hynson3 Someone Hack Them They Were Mine

  3. rileyhynson And rileyhynson1 they were mine two

  4. Hi Dudes Love This Blog It So Cool 😎

  5. Um For the facts this blog has had so many post i can’t belieive it!

  6. I’m fine with the rules.

  7. mi good with the rules

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