Wiki Page/CDPB Vid

Hello Everyone If You Need Help Come The Wiki Site They Got The Best Help Come For Info The Common Room Is A Chat  And Note: Respected There Rules

The Blog. 😎
Sorry its a bit blurry. (I made this a month ago)

Some Wiki Staff 


14 thoughts on “Wiki Page/CDPB Vid

  1. I Just Sended The You To Be A Author
    So And Im Waiting For You To To Check Your email from

  2. SL No Help That’s Wired He’s Been My Help When I Made My WordPress Account In Febury This Year But I Have Been Asking Him To Give Me The Password To Giltchs VIP But He Just Won’t So I Belive You

  3. Sine 2010 Wow!! I Have Not Been Playing Poptropica Sice Then I Started In 2011

  4. No I don’t mind I just got back from a holiday, thanks.

  5. You’re welcome! 🙂

  6. Link doesn’t lead to anything.

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